Worcester Spanish Radio Station

Mega 106.1 FM is a Spanish-language radio station based in the area of Worcester, Massachusetts. It is part of the Gois Broadcasting, one of the largest Hispanic media companies in the New England, with stations in Boston, Lawrence and Hartford, CT. Mega has been a staple in the Latino community for over 20 years, offering a variety of Tropical music and entertainment programming.

Worcester is home to a diverse population that includes a significant number of Latinos. Spanish-language radio is a crucial part of the city's media landscape, providing news, music and entertainment to this vibrant community.

When it comes to Spanish radio in Worcester, Mega 106.1 FM stands out as a leader. With its high-quality programming, talented hosts, and engaging content Mega has become a cultural institution for Latinos in the city.

Mega serves as the local information hub for news, entertainment, cultural and community events for the Hispanic community. If you're interested in reaching Latinos with your advertisement, La Mega Worcester is the Spanish radio station to connect you.

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