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Dominic Marte – The Voice

Domenic Marte, born in Lawrence, MA., is of Puerto Rican & Dominican   descent with the capacity to interpret and perform outside the sometimes confirming realms and speculations set forth by specific musical genres flowing from these two Caribbean wonderlands as he   cleverly fuses rhythms, sound and talent effortlessly in his Bachata  Pop style sound.

Domenic Marte is not only multi-talented, but a man with a bright future ahead. Of the 16 songs that cohabit in the 1st album, on “Intimamente” He not only wrote 6 songs but also majestically produced one of the tracks, “Find Another Man” on the first album “ Intimamente”. On “Deseos De Amarte” and The NEW album “The Voice” Domenic Marte wrote 6 songs each.  That alone makes quite a statement as to the many hats DOMENIC  MARTE is capable of wearing artist, producer and song writer. 8 of the album tracks are performed in English combined on all 3 albums while the remainder of the album is in Spanish on “Intimamente” “Deseos De Amarte” “The Voice”.  The album consists of a variety of musical styles from Latin Pop and Bachata to some smoothed out R&B.

The first single, “VEN TU” in 2004 with close to 2 million hits on YouTube was sizzling in every sense of the word; a modern day Bachata, spiced with Latin emotion, passion, style and flavor, produced by Gio Williams and brilliantly written by Wascar Brazoban, but it’s DOMENIC MARTE soulful sense of interpretation that makes the song sultry and  alive. Today “Ven Tu” is a worldwide hit in many Latin Countries around the world and Europe.  The Album “Intimamente” also had other hit songs like “Ella Se Llevo Mi Vida Feat Geraldine” “La Quiero” “Ya Que Te Vas A  Ir” were all top 10 songs on Latin Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican radio stations around the US and abroad.

Domenic Marte kept going with his courage to inject the Latin Music Bachata Industry with a NEW album entitled “DESEOS DE AMARTE” using his outmost creativity to unite both Pop music and Bachata of which is  known to be fully Tropical, has demonstrated his talent, abilities, and creativity as an artist who is willing to add an extra bit of spice into the “traditional.” It is a great risk, yet as he has previously proven with his previous success song in the past “Ven Tu” and other songs.

Domenic Marte 2nd album “DESEOS DE AMARTE ” earned the way to being nominated in 2010 with “ERES ASI” as SONG of the year and 3 other NOMINATIONS on Premio Lo Nuestro Latin award show on Univision TV a Nationally televised Award show. 6 other songs on the “DESEOS DE  AMARTE” album where also top 10 on Latin Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican Stations around the US and abroad. “Desos De Amarte” Con Los Ojos Cerados feat Geraldine” “Yo Me Equivoco” “Que Importa Amiga Mia” “Ese Soy Yo” “Mia Nada Mas”.

Domenic Marte has more to offer to the higher demand for his fans and HE is the ORIGINATOR of the Bachata Pop music Style. A new and revolving culture of Bachata Pop worldwide. Domenic Marte using his passion and dedication has pursued this new “twist” to further his sound with his NEW 2014 3rd album entitled “THE VOICE”. It is because of his transparency and passion for the music Bachata Pop that he is fearless of failure, but demonstrates his talents to be innovative and willingness to accept the requests of his fans globally & why they refer to him as the “Gipsy of Bachata” “THE VOICE” has proven to be another album that has captivated Latin Tropical Stations, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican stations in the US and abroad with “Muero De Celos Feat Luz Rios” peeking at num 4 on the Billboard Tropical Latin Chart.

Domenic Marte also featured his duet with Luz Rios on Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco on Univison on the 50th Anniversary of Sabado Gigante that was featured on the weekend of Thanksgiving in 2012. Primer Impacto Univision also came down to do an exclusive on the video behind the scenes on “Muero De Celos” that was featured on their show. “The Voice has made is way thru the Latin Tropical Stations along with “Horoscopo” “No Se Por Que” “Despues De Ti No Hay Nada” all top 10 hits across the Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican radio stations in the US & abroad.

Domenic Marte or D’MARTE, whichever you prefer, will prove to have the innovative strength and youthful energy to revitalize that special spark of the Latin Bachata Pop style as he sets out to the world and capture the hearts of a new generation of Latin music lovers. Eddie Rodriguez Domenic Marte manager worked doing National radio promotions in the American market for 25 years before managing Domenic Marte. They both took it upon themselves along with JN Records to work his albums WORLD WIDE. They both have worked the music with over 15 songs on TOP 10 on Tropical, Spanish Contemporary and Regional Mexican stations in the US and abroad.

Nominations Awards

  1. Premio Lo Nuestro in 2005- 2010 as Song of the Year/ Male Artist Of  The year/ Traditional Tropical Artist of the Year.
  2. Billboard Latin Music Awards 2005- Artist of the Year
  3. Latin Pride Awards 2008 – Artist of the Year
  4. Premios estrella de New York
  5. Premios Charolos
  6. Premios Ciculo Dorado

Tours in the United States & Abroad

  • Hawaii – USA (First Bachata singer to ever perform in Hawaii)
  • Poland (First Bachata singer to ever perform in Poland)
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Honduras
  • Ecuador
  • Columbia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • SummerFest 2014 – The Worlds Largest Festival